Body language

It was another horrible day in the equity markets. The last time the market was this low — 1997 — Brad Radke was winning 20 games as a 24-year old for the Minnesota Twins. Yeah, that long ago.

Usually, stories about rough days on Wall Street are accompanied by the cliche picture of a stock exchange trader.

Today, however, let’s look at the body language of the nation’s governors and the president and vice president as they met in Washington.







Where have I seen this expression before?


(Photos via Getty Images)

  • Kevin

    There are probably deeper insights to draw from these photos, and my guess is that an anthropologist might be able to tell us about all this hand-to-the-face stuff means.

    I can say, with certainty, that these times do call for more facial hair. Beards are warm, require less maintenance, and require no funding to implement.

    Perhaps these men are merely engaging in a little follicle stimulus.

  • Brian Hanf



    And every other thing that means, I laughed, when I read your comment!

  • Minn Whaler

    Wow.. Obama already looks 3 or 4 years older.

    As for the chin thing, having been to WAAAAAY too many meetings, it is a way to show how “deeply” you are moved by the subject, which requires chin support as the brain gets heavier when one has no answers, and thinks everyone else at the table might call on them.

    Kind of equals raising your hand in second grade to be excused to the bathroom while this issue is done and we are on another subject.