Political dominos


The podium at today’s pep rally news conference for former Sen. Norm Coleman provided a diversion for people who like to play political dominos.

For example in this picture from MPR’s Elizabeth Stawicki, you’ve got state Rep. Marty Seifert, who could run for governor if Tim Pawlenty doesn’t run in 2010. Just behind Coleman, there’s Brian Sullivan, who came within a whisker of beating Pawlenty in 2002, and could be a Senate candidate in 2012 against Sen. Amy Klobuchar, or a candidate for governor in 2010.

All of their political futures — in terms of advancement — depend somewhat on vacancies created by the guy standing at the podium and the guy who wasn’t there — Pawlenty.

  • George

    Norm Coleman has gone from a public servant in his role as Senator to a public nuisance in his new role as sore loser. I hope that the court would require the Coleman campaign to post a bond to cover the costs of state and county officals time to deal with the discovery, depositions, travel time, testimony and other related costs. We seem to have a massive budget deficit and wasting taxpayer money on another recount is stupid. Let Norm and his tribe of political buddys put up the dough to fund this circus or leave us alone and go away quietly.

  • Bob Moffitt

    They picked the perfect venue: the SOB!

    The PR problem for Norm now is that he — and he alone — is responsible for extending this long, drawnout battle. GOP partisans may cheer on cue, but I think Joe & Jane Citizen are a little tired of this now, and want the seat filled. Public opinion is going to shift against Coleman even further, and may even hurting the GOP.

    All Al Franken needs to do now is to “look Senatorial” and wait, and he wins the PR war.

  • Bob Collins

    What sorts of thinks should Franken do to look senatorial?

  • http://www.trailblz.com brian hanf

    @Bob Moffitt – Joe & Jane Citizen didn’t care before and they don’t care now. I bet if a poll came out today at least 50% would think the Norm won the election and that he is our senator for the next 6 years.

    I would bet $5 to anyone that a poll in 6 months (after this mess is settled) comes out, if Franken does get the seat, 30% or more will not know he is our senator.

  • Bob Moffitt

    If I was Franken’s communications director, I would have him:

    1) Stop talking about the court challenge (leave that to the lawyers) and start talking policy issues. Go around the state and do the coffeeshop photo op.

    2) Have Franken meet with his (soon to be) constitutes in a (controlled) Town Hall setting.

    3) Hit all the Editorial Board meetings and public affairs show you can, but again, focus on federal issues, Obama plan, etc, not the Coleman challenge. Even stop by the News Cut desk at MPR.

    4) Go to Washington (but not to demand to be be seated) and be seen with leaders of both parties, if possible. Just a friendly visit from MN’s likely next Senator. Make sure the Washington media know his every move on the visit.

  • bigalmn

    If Coleman were smart, he would tell his lawyers to quickly get all the issues on the table to get this resolved.

    For example: Double counting, it is one small area, it should not be too hard to see if there was double counting of ballots. My guess is that the poll works were not thinking about a recount and that the marked some ballots original, then rescanned them, they went through when processed a second time and there was no double ballot. If there were loose copy ballots, likely the first word that would be written on the replacement ballot, they could be matched back to originals.

    Absentee rejects – Coleman needs to make sure that the rules he wants used are used in all areas and that he does just not add in areas he might be helped by, because that will likely be rejected by the court.

    More votes than voters – If he can not prove that this has not happened in the past it will be difficult for him to argue this issue. I can easily see a poll worker forgeting to have a person sign their name if it was busy, there are a lot of distractions.

    The court should not dilly dally around with this, lets get it done so that all those in the picture can determine what they will run for and the next election can start tomorrow. Wait, maybe the court should dilly dally and that would delay the next election cycle.

  • bsimon

    “What sorts of thinks should Franken do to look senatorial?”

    Age about 30 years.

  • Bob Collins

    // Even stop by the News Cut desk at MPR.

    Are most of Franken’s high handlers local people? Or are they Washington types who were sent here?