Find the fee

I’m going to go on a “find the fee” hunt when the governor releases his budget proposal this afternoon. With cutting alone not enough to plug the gap, fee increases — not taxes — are usually part of the mix.

Given the reality that fees will go up, what fees would you consider raising?

One of the top of my head: Vanity plates. I’ve never really understood the allure of vanity plates, but apparently they’re quite important for those who can afford them. The initial cost is $100 (with an $8.50 filing fee) in this state with a $14 renewal charge. Should it be more?

Divorce fee – The current filing fee is about $250. If $500 were enough to discourage someone from filing for divorce, is the marriage really over?

Manicurist fee – Currently, it’s $60. Raising it would bring in some revenue, or perhaps limit the number of “nail” salons in strip malls.

Scale fee — Currently, there is no fee to test whether a gas station’s pump is actually delivering a gallon of gas. But there is a fee — $10 — to check the accuracy of the scale at a grocery store to be sure a pound of hamburger is really a pound of hamburger.

You’re on.