Snow scenes


Rachel Knudson of Heartland, Minn., has sent along a lovely photograph. ” I took this photo off the very snowy balcony of my farmhouse. The picture is looking to the southeast across a field where you can see the drifts and the blowing snow of this weekend’s snowstorm. In the branches of the trees in the upper right you can see a snowdog reflecting in the blowing snow.,” she said.

Seriously, Florida, aren’t you a little jealous?

  • Bob

    I hope your crack about Floridians being envious is just tongue- in-cheek. What’s beautiful for some is bleak for others. For me, this photo is the epitome of bereft, barren, and just downright BRRRRR-inducing. It makes me wish I’d moved to Las Cruces about 20 years ago.

  • Joanna

    Lovely photo, Rachel! Great capture of the snowdog. I love that name, and have never seen one in person, so thanks for sharing.

  • Bob Collins

    I’m VERY serious. The various vistas that Minnesota can throw at you are fascinating to me. I couldn’t imagine ever living somewhere where I didn’t find all of its four seasons enjoyable. I can’t imagine living somewhere with only one seasons.

  • Chriss W

    As a former northerner and current Floridian, one of the things I remember best about my years in NY, MI and VT is awesome beauty of the snow driven ‘diamonds in the trees’. Sometimes I miss the crisp clear days that made those diamonds shine. At other times, I thoroughly enjoy the very subtle change in seasons here in So. FL. The truth is, all of nature’s facets are purely exquisite, it is all in how you decide to perceive them.

  • Sarah

    It’s a sun dog, not a snow dog.

    Beauty of a photo, though.