Live-blogging the Canvassing Board – Day 3

Update 5:57 p.m. – A link to the Supreme Court decision on the absentee ballots as well as the salient points of the justices can be found at the end of the live blog. Just click the arrow below and scroll to the bottom. (end of update)

We’re back on the case. A couple of things:

>> If you want to turn off the auto scrolling, you’ll see a little icon to the right of the speaker icon (once the blog starts at 9 a.m.). Just click that.

>> Live video is available from House Radio/TV.

More pithiness to follow.

  • Bob Moffitt

    I have commented on the recount and the Supreme Court case at Minneapolis Metblogs.

    The heading of the post is “Minnesota Supremes: Please Help!”

  • Julia Schrenkler

    A few tips to add:

    * Don’t want to hear that clickety-click tappety-tap as the live-blog updates? Click on the little speaker icon on the bottom of the live-blog to toggle off the sound.

    * If the auto-scroll makes it hard to read, click on the off-white button with a little red dot in the center. That will turn off the auto-scroll and you can read at your own pace or move fowards/backwards to catch up.


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