Voting woes

MPR is keeping track of reports of voting problems. The phone number is:


According to early phone calls, a fire alarm went off in Frogtown and “things got heated” when a voter refused to leave until she voted.

A scanning machine broke down in Kasson. Our correspondent says an election judge said they would hand count. He asked if the machine would get fixed, and the woman said, “I hope so.”

And in Bloomington Precinct #13, a gentleman reported he check a half-dozen times to make sure he was registered, but when he showed up today — the same place he voted in 2006 without a problem — he wasn’t on the list. He had to register again as a new voter.

We’re also hearing that the Secretary of State’s Web site is loading very slowly. People may be going there to find out where they should vote. You can find that information here, and it will also build a customized election results page for you when you come back tonight. No waiting!

For a set of tools to assist you on this Election Day, please spend some time browsing our Campaign 2008 Web site.

update 9:33 a.m. A power outage in St. Paul has affected two polling places: Maxfield School and Dunning Rec Center. A Ramsey County official says voters should continue to go to those polling locations to cast their ballot, which will be placed in the machines’ emergency ballot holders. If those fill up the ballots will be removed and placed will put in banker’s box and sealed. Once power is restored, judges will feed ballots through the machine and the process will be monitored by a representative from each party.