Live-blogging: The U.S. Senate debate

I’m looking forward to this debate more than any of the four so far. With Gary Eichten moderating, and some interesting news over the last half-week, it should be a highly charged debate that could knock the candidates off their stump speeches.

A story broke last week of a lawsuit in a Texas court against a businessman who, his partner claim, funneled money to the firm that has a business interest with Norm Coleman’s wife.

The Coleman campaign went on the air with an ad saying it has Al Franken’s fingerprints on it, even though Franken denies he had anything to do with it.

Meanwhile, Dean Barkley has put together his lone TV ad of the campaign, with the help of Bill Hillsman, the adman behind Paul Wellstone and Jesse Ventura.

Barkley’s support, according to the latest polls, remains around the 15-percent level.