The junkmail war — Part 2

For the last 5 days, I’ve been saving all the political junk informational literature that’s been arriving with the daily mail. Here’s the not-at-all-scientific breakdown.

6th District


Total number of pieces: 31

Republican (or anti-DFL candidate): 20

DFL (or anti-GOP candidate): 11


U.S. Senate 8

Legislative House seat: 10

6th District Congressional seat: 4

President: 3

General party: 5

County board: 1

Legislative seat:

Pro DFL (incumbent): 3

Pro GOP: 7

Congressional seat:

Pro Tinklenberg: 3

Pro Bachmann: 1

Senate seat:

Pro Franken: 2

Pro Coleman: 6

2nd District

Meanwhile, a colleague in Apple Valley has saved her mail for the last three days and has come up with this breakdown.

Total number of mailings: 22

Pro GOP (or anti DFL): 18

Pro DFL (or anti GOP): 4


U.S. Senate: 6

2nd Congressional District: 3

Mn. House seat: 7

President: 2

General Party: 3

Legislative seat:

Pro DFL (incumbent): 3

Pro GOP: 4

Senate seat:

Pro Franken: 1

Pro Coleman: 5

3rd District seat:

Pro Kline: 2

Pro Sarvi: 1

I can’t imagine any of you saved your political mail over the last week, but if by some chance you did, let me know how it breaks down.

  • Al

    “let me know how it breaks down”

    Better than ordinary paper in the compost pile because the contents are generally manure.


  • Elizabeth T

    I’ve gotten very little snail mail. However, the amount of emails showing up has been astonishing. Practically one per day from Franken, one per week from the former Edwards, and frequently from other political groups. Yes, admittedly, they all have my email address because either I gave them money or because I subscribed to them for other services (, league of conservation voters, My email trash box is on frequent cleaning, or I’d be able to give a longer list.

    While it certainly saves paper compared to flyers in the mail, it’s even easier to ignore them. The mail at least visually goes through my hand and my brain in the “what gets thrown out” assessment. Compared to email, where the only information considered is “is this a friend or banking/bills?”

  • Brian Hanf

    Between Friday and saturday in mail: 4 GOP, 4 DFL

    the GOP are 2 general ballot/pro McCain Coleman, with DFL is bad on the other 2.

    The DFL are 2 Sample Ballots from DFL and Union.

    2 are candidate, CD 5 Ellision and State House 45B Lyndon Carlson.

    Also door fliers are DFL, (GOP not really strong in my area). Lyndon Carlson and Barack and Al.

    I bring them to work so i will send photo’s to you Bob, if I can figure out my camera.

  • boB Sinclair

    It must pay to live in an apartment complex with an out of state driver’s license, as I have received very few political mailings. the ones I have received are for the state and local races (maybe 8-10 total in the last 3 weeks).

  • Gremlin

    Both parties have pretty sophisticated voter ID databases and don’t waste postage/printing costs on mailings to either strong supporters or strong opponents before the final sample ballot.

    They’ve got me pegged (accurately) and I’ve only received 5-6 mailers in the past month.

    I was door-knocking undecided voters on Saturday and one woman, when I offered her some lit, showed me the ~3″ stack of mailers she had accumulated and replied, “I think I have enough.”

  • Amy

    Although I’ve been getting my fair share of the mailings, I am most intrigued by the fact that my home phone number is on the list of the MN GOP, MN DFL, North Carolina Republicans and North Carolina Democrats. I have also received anti-Democrat mail from NC at my MN mailing address for the last month. They have my new address, but they have my maiden, not married, name.

  • Jennifer B.

    I’ve received 13 pieces of campaign mail over the last 4 days.

    5 for the local city council race

    2 for Ramsey county judges

    1 for US Senate (DFL)

    3 for MN State House (all GOP)

    2 from Obama camp that doesn’t push either way but lets me know where my polling place is, the hours voting is open, how I can registar at the polls, and a number to call if I have questions, problems, or need a ride.

    These were the most refreshing ones I’ve seen. Simply encouraging me to actually vote! What a novel concept!