Bachmann’s back

Michele Bachmann is back with the national media again after her re-election. In an interview with Politico, she points out that the Democratic Party did Elwyn Tinklenberg no favors:

“My opponent did not do a stellar job fundraising,” Bachmann said, noting that it was only after her interview on MSNBC that “there was money coming from [the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee] and outside money, and that significantly impacted race.” Fundraising records show that her challenger raised more than $1.3 million in a week.

“What that did is, it opened the door for a phenomenal outpouring of negative media coverage. It was the echo chamber of the left media, and it was overwhelming, and that was difficult to overcome that level of vitriol.

She also brings up a question: Will it be possible to disagree with an African American president and not be subject to allegations of racism.


. On the same hand, I hope that the national media will not confuse disagreement with Obama’s policy positions with being consumed [by] racism.”

(h/t:Tom Crann)

  • Bob

    I’d be shocked if someone as doctrinaire and one-note as Bachmann is agreed with anything that Obama was supporting.

    I won’t feel she’s racist when she disagrees, because unless Obama suddenly decides that cutting taxes and letting commercial interests run rampant are the only foci for a politician’s existence, she and Obama are destined to be on opposite sides of nearly every issue; it won’t have anything to do with racism.

    Regarding Tinklenburg, at the risk of sounding superficial, I think one of the biggest things he had going against him — aside from his Minnesota-bland campaign style and standard-white-guy appearance — is his name. I challenge anyone who is really being honest to say that his name doesn’t remind them of a bathroom function…

  • elle

    With Michelle Backman, it is really hard to tell where she is coming from. I personally think she is a racist, elitist, snob. I’m white and that is, unfortunately, my perception.

  • Rod

    I simply don’t understand how someone like Bachmann can get elected in Minnesota. Just go out to youtube and watch some of the inane junk that comes out of this woman’s mouth.

  • Discordia

    In other news, Michelle Bachmann is still the most ignorant person in the Upper Midwest…..

  • Al

    Rod, you must not talk to many single-issue Catholics (or other conservative Christians). Here is this list of questions that many (including my family and friends) use to evaluate a candidate:

    1. What is their position on abortion?

    2. See question 1.

    All of the other nonsense that Bachman spouts means nothing because she answer question 1 correctly.

    Peronally, I am Catholic and disgusted by this mentality. I’m convinced this red vs. blue debate would be reduced to almost nothing without abortion. This nation would be far better off if we could just put this thing to bed already. It has stifled our political process and elections for decades.

  • Bob

    On the same hand, I hope that the national media will not confuse disagreement with Congresswoman Bachmann’s policy positions with being consumed [by] anti-American feelings.

  • ElizabethT

    As much of a lunatic as I think Ms. Bachmann might be – I unfortunately think the question might be reasonable. Will pro-Obama groups refrain from calling someone a racist for disagreeing with him?

    Of course there will be racists disagreeing with him, but does that make one racist? Or are we past that? I doubt it.

    Al – even being a not-entirely doctrinaire Catholic (as I am), one can’t avoid the fact that abortion is quite clearly against the church’s teaching. That said … there is so much more that is against it: killing people extends to more than just a fetus; treating people with respect is somehow covered in that “love thy neighbor” bit that some dude in the bible mentioned. I wish the ‘conservative religious’ would be a bit more open-minded to the possible applications of their faith.

  • Al

    Exactly, Elizabeth. I’m anti-abortion. But it’s frustrating to listen to ‘pro-life’ Catholics who go so far as to deny people Communion for supporting a candidate who, among stances on many other issues, is pro-choice. All the while the candidates they support are pro-death penalty and somehow fail to see any ‘pro-life’ ramification with going to war or providing inadequate food and housing assistance or health care to the poor. The ‘pro-life’ label needs to be applied carefully. ‘Anti-abortion’ is a more fitting term for most. Neither the Dems nor Reps are ‘pro-life’.

  • Kevin D. Hendricks

    How is that even a question to consider? We just went through a nearly 2-year presidential campaign. I don’t remember McCain being labeled a racist when he disagreed with Obama in the debates. Why would that change now that Obama is president?

  • Erika

    Michelle Bachman is a supreme embarrassment to the state of Minnesota. As someone who lives in her district I wince everytime I see or hear her speak. I knew that she would win because this area is extremely conservative. I voted for Tinklinberg but knew it was a throw away vote.

    The problem is – being a conservative is fine, articulate your positions and give room for other positions -but Bachman is the epitome of the far right wing nut jobs, such as Rush Limbaugh, who give the Republican party such a bad rep…

    I watched her interview on Hard Ball – and I just shook with disbelief at her comments – all I could think was that I was watching the reincarnation of Joe Mcarthy – in a skirt…

  • Bob Moffitt

    It would seem that Rep. Bachmann wants to be both the victor and the victim in this election.

    Mr. Hendricks nailed it. Just day’s after a two-year long, hard fought campaign, her question about critics of Obama’s policies being unfairly accused of racism is rather silly.

    She should consider just keeping her mouth shut for a while before she goes back to Washington to face her peers, whose patriotism she questioned on national television.

  • charlieq

    I’d say her question is more than silly. It betrays a telling discomfort.

  • Mitch Berg

    If Michele Bachmann ordered a pizza in the woods and none of her legions of detractors (who seem in large part to live in non-Sixth districts) aren’t there to hear here, is she still a (deep breath) uncomfortable victim ignorant neanderthal McCarthyite nutjob (etc etc etc etc) that personifies every stereotype most of you have about conservatives?

    Her question IS reasonable, and it has nothing to do with “discomfort” (shame on you, Charlie), but with the very apt observation that too many commentators (race irrelevant) use race as a rhetorical trump card that no white person can respond to. Accusations of “racism” have become like theories about Man-Made Global Warming; all positive evidence proves it, and all negative evidence proves it, and at the end of the day the allegation becomes the ONLY point of “discussion”.

    “Racism” turns every discussion into a Democratic Underground comment section. Including (scrolling up through the depressing miasma above) this one.

  • j

    On the same hand, I hope that the national media will not confuse disagreement with Congresswoman Bachmann’s policy positions with being consumed [by] anti-American feelings.

    Well put, Bob. Well put.

    I also agree with charlieq.

    I have nothing new to add. I just thought those were great comments.

  • Brian Hanf

    I seem to remember that John McCain was called a racist. Something to do with him not looking Obama in the eyes in a debate. Or other such nonsense. So again I look to the end of the world since I agree with Michele Bachmann’s statement (I don’t see it as a question) of “hope that the national media will not confuse disagreement with Obama’s policy positions with being consumed [by] racism”.

  • j

    Her question IS reasonable, and it has nothing to do with “discomfort”

    Out of context, I suppose I could see her comment as somewhat remotely reasonable.

    But not really when it’s prefaced with this gem:“I have not seen the United States as a racist nation.”

    Oh really? Google white income vs. black income. There’s one area where she’s dead wrong.

  • bobbydole

    i personally think it’s a strawman, she’s throwing out there to cover her a s s against the media. So when she does something stupid again she can just say, “see I told you this would happen!” even though it didn’t really happen, and she’ll get those crazy eyes going and yell Liberal Media or something else to drive a wedge between her republicans and all the sane people.

  • harry

    i agree with Erika’s comments. She is an extreme embarrassment -i don’t really understand how any thoughtful people could vote for her after her inflammatory comments-makes me wonder about the different universes of Mpls-St. Paul and St. Cloud or the areas where she garnished the most votes…

    Despite what the politicians say there really is a huge divide among the population-

  • Mitch Berg

    Oh really? Google white income vs. black income. There’s one area where she’s dead wrong.

    Both a non-sequitur (Rep. Bachmann wasn’t arguing economics, she was talking about social consequences of criticizing Obama) and a post hoc argument (racism isn’t the sole cause of income disparity; it can be argued if it’s even a primary one).

    It’s a legitimate question, no matter how you try to wriggle out of it.

    i personally think it’s a strawman,…cover her a s s…when she does something stupid…she’ll get those crazy eyes…her republicans and all the sane people.

    Yeah, there’s a basis for a rational conversation.


    Bob – the very way you title this post indicates she has a point. Are you sure you want to imply that it’s a malaprop (or worse) to even ask the question?

    The Dems set the tone for this one, with some of Obama’s major supporters saying that the ONLY reason not to vote for Obama was racism; why assume that’s NOT going to carry over to his administration and his machine’s spin on issues?

    This isn’t about Bachmann, by the way. The Democrats are actively moving to squelch free speech – overtly, via the “Fairness” doctrine, to be sure. This, presuming Bachmann is right (and I think she has a point) is a lot more insidious; criticism itself becomes an act rooted in an ages-old evil in American society.

    Which, to many of you, seems to be baaaaad if that age old evil is “McCarthyism”, but not if it’s “Racism” in whatever form.

  • Yoda

    Offensive, Ms Bachmann is. An honest mind, she has not. Many trials, she will face.

  • bobbydole

    //Yeah, there’s a basis for a rational conversation.

    Well, that’s not exactly what I was going for, but hey, that’s ok..

    However, I am sorry for calling all her republicans crazy. I didn’t mean to insult them, as I know some of them, and they don’t seem all that bad.