Selling the good china

If you fell on hard times and needed some quick cash, what is the most valuable thing you have that you’d sell, despite what your heart might be telling you?

Duluth has taken its choice — a Tiffany window — off the market because “experts expressed skepticism at its $2.9 million appraisal. But nonetheless, it was close to selling off a piece of itself.

I’ll go first. I have a life insurance policy that’s worth several thousand dollars. It was sold to me in 1963 by my father, who died in 2004. Presently, I can’t bring myself to cash it in, but if times got desperate, I’d have to.

Your turn.

  • Anna

    The hard part is figuring out what I have that would saleable in the current market (since I don’t have a insurance policy that I can easily cash in – and my “good china” might not be an “in demand” item). I’d probably wind up having to sell several things that may be of lesser dollar value that would still be desirable in the today’s market of used goods – like some of my power tools (do I really need three cordless drills and two cordless circular saws?) and maybe my bike. That might buy groceries for a week or two.

  • Brian Hanf

    I’ve had the 2nd car for sale for over a year now. Not one offer or for that matter not even one call.

  • bsimon

    I have half of my dad’s clock collection. They’re antiques that he collected 40ish years ago. When he & my mother split up & divided assets, my brother and I wouldn’t let him sell the clocks, though he wanted to get rid of everything and start over. He’s since split the collection between us. We’d have to be nearing default on the mortgage before I would sell those clocks.

  • Mitch

    The ’72 Fiat convertible. Gets driven about twice a year, on those beautiful fall days like last Saturday.

  • dgilbert

    Like Anna I’d probably consider selling some power tools. Haven’t even opened the planer my wife bought me for Christmas…I’ve made some primitive pine furniture I could maybe sell too, but frankly, the concept of selling anything just seems hard. Not emotionally hard, just a pain in the back side kinda hard.