Robocalls on parade

A colleague of mine has forwarded this call left on a friend’s voicemail system.

Kids, stay in school, learn to read, and maybe you won’t have to work making phone calls in the last week of a campaign.

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There’s been a lot of complaining about robocalls (I’m not sure this constituted a robo call) in this campaign. Has anyone ever actually been swayed by one?

(h/t: Michael Wells)

  • LK

    If I was undecided, that call probably would’ve moved me closer to one side — just not the side that paid for the call.

  • Brian Hanf

    I have successfully used robo for GOTV and Voter ID. I have used robo for persuasion calls (like the one in the post, not that it was robo). I have found (and a lot a research backs my feelings) that robo is good for GOTV (about 2-5% increase in turn out) and for Voter ID. When I have used them for persuasion did get a slight bump in results, hardly statically numbers more anecdotal.

    With so many groups doing GOTV calls, in 2004 and 2006, it was pretty hard to track results. Also the large number of persuasion calls makes that hard to track also.