Free software

I’m not much of a software geek and I don’t own a MAC, but I’ll pass this along anyway. A press release in the inbox today from says the St. Paul company is giving away online versions of its software tomorrow. The software allows Windows apps to run on MAC OS X machines.

The release is pegged to a promise to allow the free downloads if gas fell below $2.80 a gallon, which seemed like an impossibility a few months ago.

A few of my software-literate friends (via Twitter, the terrorist tool) says it’s more publicity stunt than useful information.

  • Tony

    The ironic thing is that they set a bunch of goals such that if the Bush administration were to achieve any of them they trigger the free software. Meeting any of the goals was seen as an improvement. The administration would have to do something right to fix one of these goals. But ultimately, the Bush administration met the gas price goal by destroying the economy.

    That’s George Bush in a nutshell – succeeding by screwing up.

  • Jon Parshall

    I think we’d argue over here at CodeWeavers that it’s actually pretty useful information for your average Mac user, rather than just a stunt. $70 worth of free software, fully supported for a year. What could be finer than “Free?” But yes, the irony of how the goal was accomplished has certainly not been lost on us.

    -jon parshall-



  • Dickens

    This is just plain old wine canned in a marketed product. Actually codeweaver participates in its development.

    In this day and age just download and install a virtual machine.