Campaign junk mail


This is the sum of my mail for the last two days — election junk mail. Surprisingly, most of the mailings aren’t for the races that the media is covering. There was one Obama mailing, one Michele Bachmann mailing, one Al Franken mailing. Everything else is the race for the District 56B House of Representatives seat.

Based only on sheer volume, the Republicans want this seat back more than the DFL wants to hold onto it. The GOP has clearly targeted this race. Two to three Republican mailings on it have been arriving every day for the last month. The DFL is not coming close to matching the effort on behalf of their candidate. I believe I’ve seen one mailing on her behalf from the DFL Party, which also didn’t think a DFLer could win the seat two years ago.

What is your campaign junk mail telling you? Save it over the next few days and send some pix.