What I meant to say…

Time to start a new category: Gaffes from the politicians.

Here’s entry #1.

We presume what the young Meghan McCain meant to say was “nobody knows war more than my family.” And even then, 4,155 families in the U.S. might still disagree.

You can find her blog here.

  • brian

    This is a horrible thing for me to think… but I’m sure the McCain campaign isn’t sad that Track’s deployment date is September 11th.

  • bsimon

    brian, you are correct, possibly on both counts. Though it is important to point out that Senator McCain has very explicitly NOT used his sons’ service as political backdrops.

  • http://www.trailblz.com Brian Hanf

    BSIMON – Your right, I follow this stuff pretty close and I did not know his one son was in Iraq, now back.

    Only last week after I was sitting in the same room with Jimmy McCain and his mom did I find that out.

    One other thread suggested that the McCain’s had easy jobs lined up might want to think a little more about that.

  • Heather

    Brian, I think you’re talking to me. I was talking about Cindy McCain. I didn’t say her job was easy, but I wonder if she’d have it if her father hadn’t founded the company. Not everybody starts out with such great contacts!