The News Cut Quiz

Almost as many people camped out at the News Cut World Headquarters last night to be the first to take this week’s quiz, as camped out waiting for the Batman movie. Or not.

Are you ready to take it? If so, proceed.

  • Anna

    I managed a 13 out of 15 – but only with a few hints and at least one wild guess. I think a truer score would have been in the Pennsylvania range…

  • bsimon

    solidly pennsylvania.

  • Mary L.

    Pennsylvania with only a few hints.

  • Bob Collins

    So far, then, it appears that as News Cut goes, so goes Pennsylvania.

  • Alison

    Another vote for PA.

  • c

    that’s really odd. i clicked on the recent cut quiz and i ended up getting the nemo/godfather scoring quiz again and i m still swimming without the concrete shoes.

  • Bob Collins

    C: Try holding down your CTL key while pressing F5. Then try it.

  • c


    all i gotta say is that at least i am not delaware. i am not a hint person either.

    i didn’t read most of the articles that the questions were written about. basically i have become a news cut reader of the unimportant issues such as the article about the journalist misty rowan takes on the protesters with her super-savy-clever question asking. i skip articles on: airlines-who can afford to fly anyway, gas prices, because all the comments are about how you can get more gas mileage out of your vehicle or some other gas calculation crap. i really did find the article on McCains ‘racist’ comment and Tang’s video interesting but there were no questions on that article. i totally missed the article on the gypsy moth and i think i would have read it.

    oh well. again this is only my opinion.

  • Bruce

    What happened to the quiz? I haven’t seen a new quiz in a while.