The Congress we don’t like

Two factoids worthy of consideration:

  • A new poll from Rasmussen puts the job approval rating for Congress at 9% for good or excellent performance. It’s the lowest number since Rasmussen started polling on the subject.
  • The rate of re-election for incumbents is 97.8%
    • Mac Wilson

      It’s been a while since I did a paper on this in college, but I seem to recall that there is a similar re-election rate for those members of the judiciary that are elected. The main factors for this happening (in the judicial branch, at least) were that voters see inherent stability with the ‘I[ncumbent]’ next to a candidate’s name (“they must be doing something right to hold office in the first place”) and the general lack of an informed voting populace. Frankly, I haven’t followed my own congressional district elections very closely this year, because it basically feels like a foregone conclusion that Betty McCollum is going to win re-election. Why should I (or anyone else in a seemingly slam-dunk district) worry about keeping ourselves informed?

    • Brian Hanf

      The bridge to no where was popular in AK, just not anywhere else.

    • Al

      It frustrates me that the Dems in the House did virtually nothing to get to the bottom of the numerous illegal practices of the Bush administration. Where are the vigorous investigations into:


      Secret renditions


      FISA violations

      Corrupt military contractors


      I certainly include my rep, Betty McCollum, in crowd that let Bush & Co get away with it all. In her response to my correspondence about this she pretty much stated that we don’t have any real evidence against the administration. Did you look?!

      What’s my alternative when I get to the ballot box though? Some Republican I really don’t like for many other reasons? I’m just tired of choosing between 2 candidates I don’t want to vote for.