Jesse being Jesse


I’m going to write this, and I’m going to walk away from the computer knowing there’s a 50-50 chance it’ll be outdated within seconds.

Such is the nature of the “now you see me, now you don’t” personality of Jesse Ventura, who has been floating the notion that he’s going to run for Senate in Minnesota.

The Ventura watch began this morning when ABC News is said to have reported he’s definitely in. But links to the story — a blog post — regurgitate the “he may be in” data that we’ve gotten pretty used to up here in flyover country. The ABC story is said to have attributed things to David Welna of NPR (Jesse doesn’t talk to any local media except, perhaps, Gary Eichten). Welna’s interview doesn’t yield a lot that we haven’t heard before — lots of factoids you can take to the bank if you don’t mind the distinct possibility that they’ll bounce.

Today’s flurry then set Ventura up perfectly, giving him an opportunity to stay in the news cycle without actually doing anything other than denying anything’s changed, by saying he was speaking hypothetically.

Nobody can play the media like Jesse Ventura.

Is Ventura using Brett Favre’s playbook? Or is Favre using Ventura’s?

  • susiechapstick

    today i am going to do picture comentary. just from looking at this picture one might conclude jessie recieved some lip injections. i wonder if he is politically ‘smootch-worthy’?

  • Joel

    I moved here after Jesse left office, so never really got a sense of how he did. So what did people here think of him? Was he effective, or did he just write books and brag about how he could beat up any other governor at that time (obviously the Terminator wasn’t in office then). Is his potential run for Senate going to hold much water, you think? Personally, I have a hard time giving his candidacy much credibility.

  • bsimon


    I voted for him for Gov. I think his term was helpful, though not without problems. Having said that, I won’t vote for him for Senate. The problem is I’m not much of a fan of Coleman or Franken either. I’ve been hoping the IP would nominate someone decent – for instance, I think Fitzgerald (who ran against Klobuchar & Kennedy in 2006) would be a good choice.

  • nt

    Ventura is certainly entertaining, but he’s an idiot with no conception of the public good. Before the Ventura administration, the state paid about 2/3 of the bill for a student’s college education. Nowadays, the state pays about 1/3 of the load and students pay the other 2/3. The ironic thing about this is that students (were) enthusiastic supports of Ventura.

  • Bob Collins

    Actually, I think Jesse put together one of the best cabinets of any governor in quite a while. He actually had some good ideas but they were usually lost because of a combination of his bluster and the intention of both the DFL and the GOP not to do much of anything to help him along.

    His plan to get education funding off the property tax was a good idea but the Legislature would only approve half of it and wouldn’t touch the tough part — expansion of the sales tax.

    People who tend to like Jesse like the idea that he’s at least being honest with them (whether that’s true is a debatable point) and people usually will choose honesty when that’s the choice.

  • Laker

    I hope Jesse does come into the race. Right now we have two candidates that are against drilling for domestic petroleum, so we have no choice, hopefully Jesse will support domestic drilling.

  • Erik Hare

    Jesse can work the media because he does what is expected: entertain. As long as we want entertainment from our politicians, we will get precisely that. It is, after all, a democracy – the will of the people wins in the end.

    Now, if a distinct majority wanted courageous leadership or critical thinking we would probably get that. But there doesn’t seem to be an end to the string of entertainers that want to be Senator.

    Jesse? He gives the media what it wants, so they love him. The media gives people what they want, so they keep supporting it. We get to complain when it appears everything goes to Hell, but … it is still a democracy, ladies and gentlemen. The ultimate blame can only rest in one place.

  • Bruce

    Your choice of file photo suggests you’re pushing for a Jesse candidacy right?

    I think it is instructive that as govenor Jesse attended the Wellstone memorial chewing a whole pack of gum at once and wore a baseball cap. The pious and respectful Ventura claimed he felt duped and violated by what amounted to a political rally. I don’t think we need another dose of Jesse.

    Unless he actually announces, please keep this egotistical jerk out of the news.

  • Gerhard Manikovic

    I can’t help it. I love the guy.

  • Karl Noyes

    I’m voting for him if he runs. Aside from the antics outside of the political realm, I think he was a pretty good governor. I can’t thank him enough for the Light Rail and starting a public transportation movement in Minnesota that will hopefully continue. I’d vote for him in a second.

  • brian hanf

    Gerhard Manikovic – to bad, for Jesse (if he decides to run), your not registered to vote in Minnesota.

  • Bob Collins

    //Your choice of file photo suggests you’re pushing for a Jesse candidacy right?

    I don’t know what that means. It was the last picture we took of him (when he was in in May) and the first one I found.

    Nothing sinister about it.

  • Charlie Quimby

    I’ve used that “he had a good cabinet” line myself, and we owe to them the fact that anything got done during his administration. In a business filled with massive egos, Jesse ranks among the leaders, but was less interested in governing than almost all of them.

    His good ideas didn’t go far because he had contempt for the media, little use for coalition building and no party to support him. Being governor lasts longer than a wrestling match, and Jesse just didn’t have that long an attention span.

    The senate is actually a much better fit for an egotistical blowhard who speaks the truth on occasion but is long past doing any heavy lifting.