Timewasters: TwitterVision


I’m not really qualified — that is: cool enough — to write an entire treatise (or even an abbreviated one) about Twitter, described elsewhere as a micro-blogging tool. It either is another form of communication that will revolutionize things, or it’s another laughing matter. I leave these questions to the smart people, like MPR’s American Public Media’s Jon Gordon.

I do know this: TwitterVision, in which these random thoughts appear on a map, is one of the most intriguing — if not particularly useful — things I’ve ever encountered on the Web. Last week, I noticed, there was nothing on TV. So I “watched” TwitterVision.

As a young lad, I wondered what it must be like to be God at prayertime, and how he (she?) sorted everything out when it was coming at him (her?) at once.

Hold that thought! Somebody in Tulsa says he’s getting a tatoo. Gotta Go,


Update 8:12 a 5/22Here’s a great example of how a company can use Twitter effectively.