Gas Pump Chronicles

I heard a rumor this morning that gas prices were going to go up 22 cents a gallon, so since I needed gas and since I always wanted to start a panic, I raced to the pump. I was sure I would find a long line there, as happened in New Jersey yesterday (that’s where I heard the rumor).

There were no lines; everyone was out trying to find rice, apparently.

I often dig the ATM receipts out of the trash at the bank, just so I can see the balances that people have in their accounts. Now I’ve developed a new hobby: Seeing what they’re paying for gas and what blend their pumping.

There’s no science here. Just eavesdropping.

A Ford Explorer:


Honda Civic:


Ford Taurus:


Prius. She might’ve only pumped to $30, however. People still do that, but good luck trying to get the thing to stop right on the .00.


For the record, there’s no 22-cent price jump coming today. New Jersey was just catching up to the rest of the county.