The WiFi ‘scare’

Remember when we thought cellphones would harm our brains? Remember when we thought cellphones would harm our brains? Remember when we thought cellphones would harm our brains?

Whoops, sorry. I had to take a call.

Out in northern California, a town is up in arms over the “danger” of WiFi, reports the Tech Dirt blog.

  • brian

    I picked up a book in target the other day entitled “Natural Cures ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know About!” It had a chapter called “How to never get sick again” which called for us to throw away our microwaves because they create toxins in our food. These people seem to have similar sentiments.

    Do people not realize how much radiation they get from the sun everyday (including radio waves)? The signals from local TV and radio signals pass through all of us. Orange fiesta-ware is made with a uranium glaze, so it is radioactive (slightly). So are bananas.

  • Nancy

    I think I sleep better after St. Louis Park turned off the WiFi.

  • brian

    You probably do Nancy, but I doubt it was because St Louis Park turned off the WiFi.

  • Emily

    To be the bearer of bad news… we’re all going to die anyway. Whether it be from wifi, microwaves, cell phones, pcb’s, radio waves, eating off of orange fiesta ware, the sun, watching reality t.v. or reading too much…. Just live life to your fullest and if your fullest means gulping a latte while blogging at your local wifi hotspot, live on!

  • Conal

    Maybe Minneapolis will turn off its failed WiFi attempt with USI and we can all sleep better here too.

  • Jonathan

    I agree with Emily. I work in the wireless industry and I do not doubt that these create some form of Eletctro Magnetic radiation. To everyone that claims science and technology is killing people, I would like to challenge them to give up everything electric and electronic. Even electricity. Lets go back to the days of way back when. No computers, phones, cars, electricity, running water…