The Quiz returns


You asked for it! “Make it harder,” you said. Fine, it’s harder. Too hard? Not hard enough? You decide as you take this week’s News Cut Quiz by going here. As always, feel free to review the week and post your results in the comments section.

  • bsimon

    That was HARD! 11/15, with a couple luck guesses. And 4 unlucky ones.

  • c

    We would have had two more correct if I had listened to my fifth grader. And that is all I am going to say.

  • minn whaler

    love it, had my head in the sand this week and did very poorly… however, just taking it raised my awareness. My vote is keep it this challenging!

  • mary

    Man, I tanked this week. 6 out of 15.

  • Bob Collins

    Remember. SOME of the answers are in the incredible graphic above.

  • Lily

    13/15, well that was the second time.

    I think we deserve a review before the quiz.

  • Bob Collins

    The key to success is visiting daily. Especially News Cut. We might even teach you the secret newsroom handshake.

  • gml4

    Ok, I’ll ‘fess up… 8 correct… and that was with a couple lucky guesses.

  • Anna

    I managed 13/15 – guess I paid more attention than I thought I had.

  • DN


  • c

    second time around, 14 out of 15. I didn’t have to read the questions as I remembered the answers. I guess I learned my lesson the first time around.

  • Jamie

    Didn’t do so well this time — only 11 right, and I, too, made a few guesses, educated and otherwise. I thought again that a couple questions could have been written better, but don’t remember which ones, or if they really affected my understanding or my score. This seems like a good level of difficulty, though. I probably paid less attention this week.

    I have to laugh when online people say things like “just visit every day…” Who has time to do that? I’m on the computer all day every day at work, but I go online for personal use only once a week. And it seems that I should be getting all the relevant news by listening to KNOW during about 50-60% of my day. Anyway, lovin’ the quiz!

  • Bob Collins

    Jamie. jamie. Jamie. Think of it in terms of an altruistic endeavor, if nothing else. Otherwise, I’ll be givin’ you the quiz while I greet you at the door of Home Depot.

  • Snuffy

    11/15. The graphic feels like a cheat somehow. I noticed it last week and it definitely improved my score. This time I had to click through to the quiz before I subconsciously absorbed anything. Tricky.