Road rage story was made up

As an old boss once said — sarcastically, of course — sometimes the facts can ruin a good story.

Remember the story of the woman who was caught up in a road rage incident and was thrown by a driver into the middle of the road?

Never mind. Apparently it didn’t really happen.

  • c

    Pain medications have side affects that induce lyng? Huh, now that is the first time I have heard that alibi.

    I have heard that the new way for folks to get out of being caught from commiting crime is to plea insanity. She should have tried the “temporary insanity plea”.

    Isn’t it illegal to be driving while on some pain meds?

  • Sornie

    This woman garnered a ton of sympathy all because of a fabricated story. Sometimes the best course of action is no action and while she was initially provoked, she provoked the provoker who then became the provokee. I can’t believe the level of rage that developed from this relatively phantom altercation. I am turning a complete 180 on this one and hope that she gets at least some sort of fine for her actions or will the public shame be enough?