Photo op

oa.jpgThe blogs are all atwitter this afternoon over who sent a picture of Barack Obama to The Drudge Report. The Obama campaign blames the Clinton campaign for “fear mongering,” and so far nobody has asked either camp if they really think Americans in general are so stupid as to believe that every person wearing a traditional Somali elder clothing represents… what… a terrorist? And as for Drudge, well, what do you expect from Drudge?

But maybe it’s time for a new question in the next presidential debate: how stupid and gullible do you think we are?

Rather than create another “us vs. them” conspiracy, the best answer to the inquiring reporter is, “yeah, so?”

Update 3:12 p.m. Mon. – Here’s a picture I found on Getty images from August 27, 2006. Note the same shirt, the same pants, the watch. I’m guessing – and it’s only a guess — that this was taken on the same day as the photograph that, apparently, is stirring fear from coast to coast.

Meanwhile, Talking Points Memo has update on Clinton conference call denying any role in the developing scandal. Still no sign of anyone asking “who cares?”


Update 3:28 p.m. – In other turban news, how did America miss this one?


And if only we had the Drudge Report to tell us about the day — in 1975 — that Mike Love of the Beach Boys announced his intention to join the Taliban.


  • H. Tuttle

    >>how stupid and gullible do you think we are?

    Maybe it’s time someone asked this self same question of Barak “Hope of Change and Change of Audacity for Hope” Obama. How stupid does he think we are that we’d elect the most liberal, nay quasi-socialist, member of the Senate with scant experience to the White House? Dream on Barack.

  • Bob Collins

    I hate to get too sidetracked here, but I’ll ask anyway. The job approval rating of the current occupant of the White House is about 32%. The job approval rating of the current members of Congress is about 22% and those numbers don’t usually change much.

    America has said they don’t like politicians that much. So why would someone run on the strength of being one?

    And, even so, the now-familiar refrain that seems to say “how DARE Barack Obama (or anyone else) run for president with so little ‘experience,’…. isn’t that for the American people to decide?

    Aren’t we creating a rather narrow “template” of who can be president in this country?

    But back to the original point… when the campaigns engage in this sort of thing, aren’t they basically saying, “the American are stupid and can’t be trusted to decide based on the issues?”

    And I realize a lot of people do think the American people are stupid, but doesn’t that say more about them than us?

  • Jim

    My child wore a devil costume once…

  • Brendon Etter

    Agreed, Jim.

    I recently dressed in drag for a role in a local play.

    I was so relieved to discover I still had a penis when I took the dress and bra off each night.


    Close one.

    My wife and kids were also glad the part didn’t make me a woman.

    Yeah, Bob, someone is trying to highlight the ridiculous Barack HUSSEIN Obama angle which gets some xenophobes running scared, but I’ve asked people if this also means that everyone named Joseph is a Stalin sympathizer.

  • c

    I come from a family chock full of Republican conservatives and sadly, this is the very line that they throw at me. “Obama is a Musslim and he and his religion beliefs will take over and change the country.”

    This is where I reply, sarcastically, that I am all for rolling out of bed and throwing a burka over my head and going to the office in just that. Just think of all that extra sleep and the money we save!!

    One of my son’s classmates, (whose parents are conservatives) said to my son “Obama/Osama don’t you see the connection?”

    I think what is happening is that the reality of Obama becoming out next President is very REAL. His opposing runners are grabbing at straws.

  • Bob Collins

    My guess is the people who aren’t going to vote for Obama “because he’s a Muslim,” probably weren’t going to vote for him for another reason in the first place.

    In any event, as people try to crawl all over each other to try to make it an issue, it would be nice if they could get it on the record that the reason they’re concerned is because they think the voters are stupid.

    Just because…

  • Jim

    @Brendon – lol! rotfl!

    @everyone – so we don’t promote the rumor, Obama says he is a Christian, not that it matters. I’m with the 13%, we need more thinking than believing.

  • c

    I just love Jimmy Carter’s hat!!!!! Where can I get one? Or did he just stack his laundry ontop of his head? Is that a Member’s Only jacket he is sporting as well?