The new flag


Iraq has a new flag. The AP reports, the flag – without the three green stars of Saddam Hussein’s ousted Baath party – was hoisted Tuesday over the Iraqi Cabinet building in Baghdad in a symbolic break with the past.

And it makes a real statement that differentiates it from other Middle East countries.

Like Syria…


Or Egypt:


Or Yemen:


  • Van Dyke Brown

    isn’t this the second new flag for iraq? i think there was a baby blue UN type flag initially hoisted after the invasion.

  • Jeff

    I’m still learning the alphabet, but it looks like the flag says “Allahu Akhbar.”

  • bsimon

    vandykebrown- yes. The new flag to which you refer was rejected by Iraqis for its similarity to the Israeli flag.

    Jeff- yes. The big change is removing the stars & changing the script of the text. The prior flag used a script that allegedly came from saddam’s own hand, the new script is more generic, apparently.