I’m so over with…

The Boston Globe assembled a panel of experts and asked them what they “are so over with” as 2007 closes.

Among the items:

The subprime lending rate

Bottled water

Smokers “whining about their rights”

The digital revolution

Non-gay Republican senators soliciting anonymous gay sex.

Thai food and flavored toothpaste

Institutional racism

Representational democracy

The word “amazing”


News Cut, of course, does not have a panel of experts. That’s your cue to pull up a comment box and list the things you’re done with in 2008.

  • Candace L.

    Education “experts” talking about No Child Left Behind

    How video games are destroying our youth (how about an article that focuses on the benefits of video games)

    Pay raises for County Commisioners (Are you reading Ramsey and Hennepin County??)

    Health care costs rising (who doesn’t know this???)

    The dangers of day care

    And……let’s stop talking about home prices dropping. We already know our homes are worth nothing and we will never pay them off

    The Republican Convention………..

  • minn whaler

    I am so over:


    I got here because I earned it

    the homeless are lazy and it is all their fault

    decades old wisdom like “where were the parents” when so often they were there, yet systems wouldn’t allow them to participate.

    I so need to have the word humane put back into humanity….

    I would then be able to retire because there would be no need for advocates for human rights.

    or whales for that matter.

  • Bob Collins

    Gee, I was kinda thinking Britney Spears. (g)

  • Minn in Berlin


  • B2

    Spam. Offers of “fine watches”, gambling, sex, drugs for….I don’t even have a penis for heaven’s sake. Who would read, never mind purchase from a site like these.

    Slo newz days stories of the dangers lurking in your (insert normally innocent household object).

    Rachel Rae!!!

  • Paul Herzing

    The phrase “on the ground” (meaning “those who are actually present, and who therefore have more inherent knowledge, credibility or authority”). Troops on the ground. Commanders on the ground. The situation on the ground. Can’t we mix it up just a little? “In theater”? “On the scene”? “In country”? Or if you really mean to describe the actual situation, vs. the one touted by those agendas, perhaps we could coin a new phrase: the “un-spun truth”.

  • c

    -Governor Pawlenty and his “I earned my way crap”

    -Race for the Cure-when will the race end?…obviously its more fun to drag it out and draw attention to the “save the boobs” peops. I was at the grocery store and my Campells tomatoe soup cans were pink- come-on!!!! what’s with the boob soup?!

    -orange skin in the dead of winter

    -horses, bears, vampires and pink

  • m

    Beards….way over-rated.

    The science museum of MN falcon name competition / conspiracy (Pussywillow the winner….. The name given.. Nimbus? how original)

    It seems that “Like” has been making a comeback for some reason. That is like, scary.

  • http://www.heresyourwater.com Stacia

    “Thai food and flavored toothpaste”

    There’s Thai flavored toothpaste? Is that something I could find at Trader Joe’s?

    Speaking of which, I’m so over Trader Joe’s.

  • c

    now that you mention it -“m”

    I am -like- kinda tired of the word “creeeeeepy”

    “The hamburger I ate today was CREEPY”. “That song was CREEPY.” “Her hair-do is CREEPY”

    And I’m thinkin’ ’bout this time anyone who uses that word is a moron.

    …”jinkies that gives me the creeps”