Back in my ancestral homeland, which also happens to be Arlo Guthrie’s neck of the woods, the full playing of Alice’s Restaurant was a Thanksgiving tradition on radio.

We have noticed in recent years that this tradition is very much threatened. And so we are doing our part (sort of, I took the live version so you wouldn’t have to stare at an album cover for 23 minutes) to maintain the values of Thanksgiving tradition we hold so dear.

“It’s over.”

That’s how Nora McInerny Purmort began the blog post Tuesday evening about her husband Aaron’s death.  He died of brain cancer.  The tumor was discovered in 2011. It reappeared not long before their child was born in 2013.  The Purmorts shared their story on My Husband’s Tumor 

“It ended today at 2:43pm, in the middle of a run-on sentence, my head on his heart and my arms around him in a hospital bed built for one, but perfect for the two of us.”

We’ve spent the last three years in a variety of hospital beds.

We were engaged in the light of a heart rate monitor, snuggled together just feet from his mother on the night of his first seizure. He let me sleep next to him before brain surgeries, even when I was 8 months pregnant and my belly pushed on his IV cords. Our Ralph crawled for the first time in a bed on the oncology floor, desperate to get to the laptop where we were watching The Sopranos after Aaron’s infusion. We snoozed and watched countless movies and TV shows in those little beds, which somehow never felt too small for our tall bodies.

Here’s the post: ‘It’s over’