Those of us who spend any time around South St. Paul often wonder what it must have been like to try to launch a B-25 from a World War II aircraft carrier as the Doolittle Raiders tried to do in April 1942.

Our imagination is enhanced by the fact “Miss Mitchell,” a B-25 operated by the Commemorative Air Force of Minnesota, is based at St. Paul’s Fleming Field.

When it flew over to Oshkosh for the big aviation convention over the weekend, it went a little out of its way, picking up Dayton, Ohio native Dick Cole, 98, who is one of four remaining “Doolittle Raiders.”

Life in baseball’s low minor leagues means horrible food, long bus rides and lousy living conditions — just like in the movie “Bull Durham,” but with no Susan Sarandon.

These days, though, it’s not necessarily all that horrible, especially if you’re a kid playing low A ball for the Minnesota Twins.

The News-Press of Fort Myers, Florida, has a nice story and video on the new Twins player development academy. All the prospects live under one roof in really nice digs. Really nice.

It’s like an uber-dorm with all the really cool stuff — daily housekeeping, great food, Xboxes and a fun common room — without, apparently, the drunkenness and debauchery that typically comes with regular college roommates.

And you get to play baseball.

Yeah, many of these guys will not make it to the big leagues for more than a cup of coffee. They’ll have to get real jobs at some point. Former Red Sox minor leaguer Dusty Brown used to describe himself on Twitter as “One bad season away from having a day job!”

The grind of crappy living conditions, though, used to be the price players paid to chase that dream.

The Twins are taking the edge off the grind. It’ll be interesting to watch if that approach delivers better players.

Starting today I am on vacation. And by “on vacation,” I mean today I’m co-hosting The Current’s morning show with Mary Lucia, which is a pretty easy way to spend the last work day of the week.

So there’s no posting by me today.

Next week I’m off to Oshkosh for the annual air show. I may post from there, but probably not.

See you on Monday, August 4.