People receive first-aid after a car ran into a crowd in Charlottesville.
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Planners for the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville that became deadly earlier this month were as racist and violent as you might expect from neo-Nazis, white supremacists and the like.

Unicorn Riot, which describes itself as “a volunteer-operated decentralized media collective,” lets us peer inside the extreme-right’s corners of the internet thanks to a trove of documents it has leaked.

These hate groups’ platform of choice was Discord, a messaging app designed for video gamers. In their messages, “Unite the Right” organizers have benign discussions on topics like toilet facilities or clean-up after the rally.

There’s also an obsession with guns and militia-styled self-defense.

As Unicorn Riot writes, some involved “seemed to relish the potential of using deadly force to defend their vehicles against perceived threats by counter-demonstrators.”

They wanted to keep rallying after Heather Heyer was killed, too.

It gets more violent and racist, but I’ll leave reading that to your discretion.

Discord has since condemned these groups and booted them from the site.

The latest document dump from Unicorn Riot, a set of over 400 screenshots, came Tuesday.

(If you want to learn more on Unicorn Riot, read the profile I wrote last year.)

Daniel Kammen isn’t much for subtlety.

In resigning his post as the State Department’s science envoy, Kammen made a little acrostic, apparently giving a one-word instruction for Congress.

Kammen apparently took a cue from the Arts and Humanities Committee, whose members all resigned last week in a letter that had another acrostic: the first letter of each paragraph spelled out the word “resist.”

In Kammen’s letter, his two main points were criticizing the president’s response to the violence in Charlottesville and his policy toward science and the environment.

In the past week, Trump has defended his tempered condemnation of white supremacy, and disbanded a climate change panel.

This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone paying attention, but Minnesota has serious racial inequality issues.

A new study by the finance and business news publication 24/7 Wall St. just underscores the problem.

To see the most glaring disparity, look at the prison system.

“The differences in imprisonment might be the most shockingly unequal outcome of ongoing race-related disparities in the United States,” writes Michael Sauter in his analysis for the report.

For every 100,000 Minnesotans, there were 111 white people incarcerated and 1,219 black people, according to the report.

Other highlights:

• Median household income for black families was $30,306. For whites, it’s $66,979.

• White unemployment rate is 3 percent. For black people, it’s almost three times that.

• The home ownership for black people is 21.7 percent. For whites, it’s 76 percent.

The only state doing worse than us: Wisconsin. Rounding out the top five were Iowa, South Dakota and Illinois.

Today’s the day the total solar eclipse distracts America from, well, everything. The better-enjoy-it-now spectacle will cost the United States almost $700 million in lost productivity during the “roughly 20 minutes that outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas estimates workers will take out of their workday on Monday to stretch their legs, head outside the office and Read more