Minnesota’s exports climb in third quarter of 2011

Minnesota’s exports posted a third-quarter record in 2011. Agricultural, mining, and manufacturing exports grew to $5.1 billion in the three-month period ending in September. That was an increase of 4 percent from the same period in 2010.

Exports to Mexico saw the biggest jump by percentage, climbing 47 percent to $356 million. That helped boost Minnesota’s North American exports by 5 percent in the third quarter, despite a 2 percent drop in sales to Canada, the state’s biggest export market.

Asia and North America were the state’s strongest performing regions on dollar volume.

Sales in the European Union increased by 4 percent to $987 million. But results in that debt-hammered area were mixed. Exports to the United Kingdom, France and Italy grew, while those to Germany, the Netherlands, and Ireland fell.

Sales of Minnesota products to Central and South American were also down in the third quarter. They fell 9 percent.

Exports of vehicles and parts enjoyed the largest overall dollar gain, with particular strength in snowmobiles and parts for specialized vehicles and trucks. Check out Marty Moylan’s story last month reporting on Polaris’s expectations about a growing export market for its products.

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