Big G(aga) Cereals

General Mills’ Big G cereals division, no slouch at marketing, may have gotten a marketing windfall from music’s Big G, Lady Gaga. But then again, maybe not.

Gaga’s latest video, “Marry the Night,” has a scene showing the pop sensation mostly naked and pouring what appears to be a box of Cheerios into her mouth.


As of Tuesday afternoon, YouTube reported the video had been viewed 10,918,294 times. It debuted only last Friday.

The Pioneer Press picked up the story as reported by the celebrity gossip site, TMZ, which had this to say about General Mill’s reaction:

A rep for Cheerios tells us, the cereal company had nothing to do with the video — but it also has no plans to pursue legal action.

The rep tells us, “We feel that people express their passion in a lot of different ways … This was certainly a first!”

Maybe Gaga was inspired by General Mills tapping unrepentant potheads to promote brownies.

The real Betty Crocker question is this: How appetizing is it to see Cheerios stuck on sweaty skin?

Catch the 14-minute Gaga video here. View at work at your own risk.