What’s your May economic forecast?

We got pulled off economy reporting for a couple weeks to help with flood coverage. Now that the immediate flood danger has passed, we’re back to the day job!

So we’ll start back asking questions. What’s May looking like for your household economy? Does the recession feel like it’s over in your home?


Post something below or use our handy form.

Feels like a strange time in the economy. We’ve been reaching out to Minnesotans in MPR’s Public Insight Network and hearing some stories of better times. We were really encouraged by Tayler Anderson’s story a few weeks ago.

Anderson, a Minnesota native we’d been keeping tabs on, found work in her field nearly two years after graduating from college, though the work was in Portland, Ore.

Closer to home, we’re still getting stories of young people struggling.

June will mark the official two year anniversary of the economic recovery. State data released today showed Minnesota’s unemployment rate slipping to 6.6 percent, which is far better than the national rate. And yet job growth in Minnesota the past year has been slower than in the nation.

A state labor analyst today said at the current rate of job creation, it’ll take four and a half years to gain back the roughly 140,000 jobs Minnesota lost in the recession. Yeesh.

Tell us what you’re seeing.

We’ll take the responses and put them together in a future post and it’ll give us all a better look at what’s really happening with Minnesota’s economy.

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