Recession feel like it’s over in your home?

Back in September, I agreed to help edit and manage MPR’s Minnesota Today site until a permanent editor could be found.


It ended up consuming more time than I expected and some things fell through the cracks, including the monthly shout out to MinnEcon readers and Minnesotans in MPR’s Public Insight Network seeking stories about life in this economy.

Well, we’re back. As of this week, I have both eyes back on MinnEcon.

In coming week’s we’ll be making some cool changes to the site that will make it a lot easier for you to contribute and share — not just comment but ask and answer questions, jump onto online forums and find just about everything you need to understand and talk about Minnesota’s economy.

The best way to re-start is to resume our regular shout-out: So tell us what the economy looks like for your household in February.

Feeling better about things yet or does it still feel like recession? Are you in saving mode to pay down debts or you feeling like you can spend again on non-essentials? Your stories and insights will make us all smarter about where things are headed across Minnesota.

One of the new questions we included last fall was: Does the recession feel like it’s over in your home?

We got a bunch of good responses. A lot of folks are still hurting, though I was surprised to find some Minnesotans who felt only nicked by the Great Recession.

Click on the map icons below to read how some of your neighbors answered: “Does the recession feel like it’s over in your home?”

And then add your voice.

Let’s start sharing our stories again.

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