What’s your January economic forecast?

What’s next month look like for you?


We’re now at the three year anniversary of the recession beginning, a year and a half since the recovery was supposed to have begun.

So we want to know: Are you feeling it?

Back in late August, we got lots of responses that convinced us that our love of leverage had come to an end, that people were shifting back to savings and away from spending and that the change might be permanent.

Later, we added the question: Does the recession feel like it’s over in your home?

We got some indications that maybe economic conditions were starting to ease, at least for those Minnesotans who had jobs.

That seems to be the tipping point right now. If you have work, things are looking better. If you don’t, hope can be hard to come by.

We learned last week that it will likely be two-plus more years before Minnesota completely restores the number of jobs it lost in the recession.

Take your economic pulse and help our reporting on the economy. Let us know what you’re seeing and if January looks better than you stand right now.

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