Some college, no degree?

A Georgetown University report earlier this year concluded that Minnesota, Massachusetts and Colorado will lead the nation in the share of total jobs requiring post secondary education.

That’s awesome if you finished college. The reality is some 37 million Americans attended college but never received a degree.

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These are folks in Minnesota and around the country that we’ve been concerned about.

The Georgetown report notes, “Post secondary education and training determine access to the middle class. Those with only a high school diploma or less are falling out of the middle class.”

Our colleagues at American Radio Works want to tell the stories of folks who have some college but no degree — and they need your help.

We’ve been reaching out to folks in MPR’s Public Insight Network who’ve told us they’ve taken some college classes or were at least interested in attending college.

Please take five minutes and share your insight. What should we know about students who attend college but don’t finish?

Post something below or use our handy form. Share a story or pass this on to someone you know who’s taken classes without earning a degree.

Help make our reporting smarter.

  • Zebulun

    Until June of this year, I was one of those 37 million Americans. Now that I have finally earned my bachelor’s degree, it seems like employers are looking for more work experience in their applicants — something I sacrificed in order to finish college. Sometimes a person just can’t win.

  • Angelo Losito

    I’m brave to say I’m one of the 37million Americans with some college no degree. College was never easy for me and I had to swallow pride. The other issue is that everything is about coddling GenY not about teaching reality. That’s the reality in America. Mark Zuckerburg left Harvard but he created Facebook and is CEO. I’m sure they’re jobs that just want a High School Diploma and no I don’t mean McDonalds. Besides People go back to school in their 30’s,40’s and 50’s+ and change careers. But GenY wants you to shutr your GenX mouth. This is the problem with College today.