Health care options for 2011: What did you choose?

Last month, we started bugging Minnesotans in MPR’s Public Insight Network to tell us what their health care options looked like for 2011 and what they might pick.

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We got back a bunch of good responses. We’ll share some of the stories later this week but wanted to give MinnEcon readers one more shot before we start posting.

If you ran the drill picking employer health care options for 2011, drop us a line and tell us how it went.

If you bought health care some other way or plan to go without coverage in 2011, we want to hear from you, too. Take five minutes and give us a quick sense of what you’re facing.

The state of health care choices may tell us something about the state of the economy’s overall health. More choices for 2011 than 2010 or 2009? Any perks returning? Costs higher or lower than you expected?

Last year when we asked similar questions, we got some pretty frank responses from people struggling to find affordable health care. Even in a well insured state like ours, a lot of the people were rolling the dice.

This year, I’m also wondering how the new national health care legislation will affect people. Kids can stay on a parent’s coverage until age 26, free preventive care and no lifetime payout caps.

If you’re taking advantage of any of the new provisions, post something below or contact us directly.

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