Your 2011 coverage changing? Drop us a line

Man, it used to be easy. Health Plan A or B. The differences weren’t hard to understand.

I’ve been going through my options for 2011 health care coverage and so far it’s not so bad. But it’s always kind of a hassle, isn’t it?

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If you’re in the middle of navigating your employer health care options for 2011 you’re likely running the same drill. So drop us a line and tell us how it’s going.

We’ll share some stories and maybe make us all a little smarter.

About this time last year we asked Minnesotans in MPR’s Public Insight Network to tell us about their options for 2010 and what else we should know about buying health care.

We got some pretty frank responses from folks struggling to find a health care answer in the Great Recession.

Kiplinger does a terrific package each year on open enrollment decisions. My favorite: “Five things to do during open enrollment.”

This year, I’m also wondering how the new national health care legislation will affect people. Kids can stay on a parent’s coverage until age 26, free preventive care and no lifetime payout caps.

Yes, I know it could be repealed. But it’s the law currently. So if you’re planning to take advantage of any of the new provisions, post something below or contact us directly.

Also, are you buying health care some other way or planning to go next year without coverage? Take five minutes and give us a quick sense of what you’re facing.

BONUS: Click on the map icons to read what Minnesotans told us last year about picking health care.

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