Understanding health coverage: a baby step forward

Minnesota remains one of the best when it comes to citizens covered by a health plan. The recession, though, has hurt those good numbers. and we’ve had more than a few conversations with Minnesotans rolling the dice on health coverage.


Understanding what options are there isn’t easy, especially with the new health coverage law..

A new federal web site may help change that.

At healthcare.gov, the feds have a page where you answer general questions about your household health insurance and it walks you through coverage options to explore and parts of the federal law that might help you.

The site still amounts to baby steps in the quest to understand health insurance. But it’s a start.

It plans to add specific information on public programs like Medicaid, and private insurance plans.

Cost estimates on private insurance plans are expected in October and the feds say it will allow side-by-side comparisons.

I started playing around on the site this morning and found helpful ideas. No “Aha!” moment in understanding all that’s out there. But still worth watching to see how they make it better.

Do you know a good, independent site that lays out health coverage options in a fair and understandable way?

Drop us a line and tell and we’ll share it on MinnEcon.

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