Minnesota budget. Your cut? Six words.

At this point, the current Minnesota budget crisis is all about finding a solution that will pass the Legislature and that Gov. Tim Pawlenty will sign.

I have nothing to contribute there. So, for now, I’m going to run in a completely different direction. I just want to see what Minnesotans are willing to cut.


Tell us in only six words.

We’ve had some fun with six word responses on the recession, health care and what happened to your career.

More than fun, your creative responses really opened a window on the challenges of life in the Great Recession.

So let’s try to do the same thing with the budget. Tell us what government service you’d be willing to do without or what cut you’d make in the budget. I’m especially interested in specific government services or projects in your town or community that you think could be trimmed or eliminated.

Post below or use this handy form.

For illustration’s sake, here’s the basic info on where the money goes in the two-year general fund budget from the February forecast.


I’ll get the ball rolling. Here’s my six word cut: End Economic Development. Nick education, transportation.

I say this as a parent with kids in public schools and as someone who uses roads. So these cuts would hurt me and my family. But I’d rather do that than go after the health care of people who really need it.

Personally, the money spent on paying off debt really grinds on me.

NOTE: Our efforts were inspired by SMITH Magazine’s ongoing Six-Word Memoir project.

BONUS: Don’t like these questions? Answer this one: What sort of tax increase would you support, if any?

  • Jacob Brown

    Scrap it all; start from scratch.

  • AD

    Sell lemonade. 11.6 billion cups, specifically.

  • J. Wagner

    Goddbye tax credits, & raise taxes!

  • D

    Wealthy folks pay their fair share

  • Steve D

    TAX rich, greedy; HELP poor, needy.

  • CHS

    How about we cut the crap.