Your health care story in six words

You sent in tons of great responses to the challenge last week to write your recession story in six words.


You made your points quickly and creatively. So we’re going to try some more in the coming weeks and we’ll be sharing them with our public media colleagues across the country.

This week, tell us your health care story in six words.

We’re thinking about coverage and cost issues given the recent passage of the massive health care bill. But you can use the words to sum up any insight or experience with insurance or care.

Here’s my six-word health care memoir:

Job questions: Prior conditions covered? Affordably?

Those were vital questions when I took this job a couple years ago. One of my kids has significant health needs. Happily, the answers were yes. But those questions will drive my employment decisions for a long time to come.

Now you give it a shot. Share your six words here (it can be a little longer, I suppose) or post something below.

We’ll share them in future posts and with our public media friends across the country at

Here are some they’ve posted already.

“Clueless until I lost my job.”

$12,000 A Year is Too Much.

Realizing we’re very lucky. Fingers crossed.

NOTE: Our efforts were inspired by SMITH Magazine’s ongoing Six-Word Memoir project.

  • Minnesota Care is my life saver

  • Theresa K.

    Insurance is costly product, not guaranteeable.

  • Patrick S.

    Public Sector Dad, Adulthood Is Sad.

  • Jennifer Hernandez

    Broken ankle. Huge deductible. Ouch!

  • Health care is a right not a privilege.

  • Steve Stewart

    Dems, promise silver, deliver tin.

  • Karen Seay

    I’m 63; insurance company decides what’s right for me.

  • Jay

    Lost job, husband covers – job safe?

  • Dr. T

    Provider of care not billing statements

  • Wm. Sweeney

    What’s important? Uncontrollable costs. No action!

  • When something is free read the small print.


    Housing or insurance. Can’t afford both.

  • Sandra

    Unemployed. Private Insurance. Fear recission. Ick.

  • Mandy

    With or without? Can’t do either. . .

  • MichaelK

    $2000 deductible; $13000 premiums; 50% co-pays. Too much.

  • Mike

    Government, health insurance, cheaper, better, really?

  • GK

    I could retire; health care insurance coverage keeps me working.

  • Rachel

    hoping my next birth won’t = unexpected $$$$