Mapping your economy stories

April marks a year that we’ve been asking Minnesotans to tell us a story about the economy around them. It’s been a fun project. But we need you to help us keep it going by taking five minutes and sharing a story of life in the recession.

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The stories we’ve heard to date have been detailed and heartfelt. Reading them brings an instant understanding of the struggles and resiliency of Minnesotans in the recession.

Each one makes a little smarter about the economy and better able to report on the issues.

We realized, though, that we’ve never shown readers the responses in one post. So take a look at the maps below.

We received about 170 responses and broke them into five categories. Browse through and you’ll read stories of people like you and your neighbors. The maps have been viewed nearly 150,000 times. Many of the stories told became posts for this blog or radio pieces for MPR News.

Take a look and then add your voice.

Here’s what people have told us about jobs and employment issues. It’s been by far the most viewed and discussed map.

Here are the stories people have shared about the housing market around them.

On this map you’ll find people talking about saving and spending issues and also about the general state of the economy around them.

Here’s our Good News map. It doesn’t have nearly enough responses so here’s a chance to tell us something positive. Are you seeing an upswing in your household economy or in your community? Scored a good deal? Seeing the recovery yet? We could use something upbeat!

We’ve had the toughest time with this one, our Watchdog map. See something that looks like a bad deal or potential scam? Tell us what you found and help others steer clear.

Every response we get helps us build a portrait of life in this economy in Minnesota. So take a couple minutes and share one story.

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