Describe your recession in six words

Our public media friends at recently invited people to write their economy memoir in six words.

It generated some cool responses. So I thought I’d borrow it, retool it and ask Minnesotans to sum up their Great Recession in six words.


April will mark one year since MinnEcon went from experiment to commitment. We’ve asked Minnesotans daily to share their stories of perseverance, struggle and humor. You’ve responded in great detail.

We’ve tried to highlight as many of those responses as we could but it’s been a challenge.

So this time we want folks to write short.

Send us six words (OK, it can be a little longer but not much) that capture your life in the economy the past two years.

Here are mine: Surviving on journalism despite average skills.

Post yours below or contact me directly.

NOTE: Our efforts were inspired by SMITH Magazine’s ongoing Six-Word Memoir project.

  • Roy Murphy

    “I buy stuff, therefore, I am.”

  • Watching people around me lose hope.

  • Graduating has never been so terrifying.

  • Brian Hill

    Down, down, down, down, up, down.

  • j

    my teeff fall out

  • Laura

    I learned what I actually need

  • carina

    Thankful for everything I do have.

  • Jen

    No one is buying or signing

  • Clint Buhs

    Old job vanished. Fortuitously, new job.

  • Kermit

    Use less, save more, go green.

  • Tamara

    Lamenting the loss of my home.

  • Tim Nelson

    Laid off, self employed, debt ahead

  • Michael

    In Grad School. Jobless, No Insurance

  • Kelly Rodieck

    fired, hired, debt, mired, wired, resilient

  • Jeff from Blaine

    First no raise, then no job.

  • Andrea

    Expenses way up, income way down.

  • Gail

    Laid off, rehired at 80% pay.

  • Bonnie

    Emergency funds gone but still afloat

  • Jeff

    We don’t mind Mac & Cheese.

  • Steve

    Traded pay for flexibility. Want both.

  • Dave

    Glad I retired before I couldn’t!

  • Jacob

    sometimes up, sometimes down…always optimistic.

  • Ben Chorn

    Graduating soon, still poor college student

  • Shari

    Money isn’t everything, but it helps.

  • Tech

    By going insane and taking pills.

  • Carol E

    He survived layoff scares; she’s retiring!

  • Sherry

    Our savings rates, home equity tanked.

  • teri

    More medical needs, less competent care

  • PartlyDave

    Wife out of work two years.

  • Anonymous

    Even bankruptcy is too expensive.

  • Paul Landskroener

    Lost two jobs. Kid in college.

    Unshackled from employment. Twice. Loving freedom.

  • Mark

    Health is more important than money.

  • Catherine

    big change with little change.

  • Lily

    Just like the early 1980’s forme!

  • Andy

    lost job. law school. verdict: dumb.

  • Elijah

    At least I have a job

    I can still pay the bills

    work work work work work work

  • Greg Russell

    I’d like to be Joe Mauer.

  • anne

    keep crappy job at all costs

  • jesse bearheart

    Still on the right side of the sod.

  • Carla Januska

    Greedy bankers screw America big time.

  • i’m lucky to know what’s important.

  • Jimbob

    Thanks W for leaving this mess#!

  • We have enough if we share.

  • jb

    Lost my job, home, car, furniture and soon, my mind.

  • Still waiting to be laid off.

  • Heidi Johnson McAllister

    The old is dead, there is something new here to learn.

  • B.R.

    Crippling Student Debt – 200K+

  • Bill

    deep reserves, but system needs repairs.

  • Janet Anderson

    Good thing my partner has job.

  • Kurt

    Survived first round; not second. Looking.

  • Robert

    Gov’t job, no change.

  • CLA

    Foreclosure was painful; I’m still optimistic

  • Kate

    Thank God I have a job.

  • gail

    Checking account closed. Living on credit.

  • Adrienne Olson

    The curse of plenty hits home.

  • Not selling a book today, again.

  • Christian

    Fortuitous poster took my job by any means possible (literally extreme bullying) because he is the cousin of the boss’ boyfriend. Now I get to file bankruptcy after struggling and working my tail off for over ten years. Thanks Fortuitous poster. I hope you are happy with your big new raise and what you had to do to get it.

  • Allen Bush

    Mobbed out of job by Atheists. Dubai funding company tutorials to insert propaganda distributed to American children and others. Easier for Islam to convert Atheists than Christians. Still glad I’m a Christian.