What’s your take on the housing market?

We’ve worried for a few months now about a next wave of mortgage problems. A few weeks ago we asked if the Twin Cities was in a foreclosure lull.

But we want to hear from you.Tell us what you’re seeing in the local real estate market.

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If you’re someone with a stake in the state’s housing market — a mortgage or real estate pro, someone looking to buy a house or a homeowner keeping tabs on your neighborhood — share a story about you’re seeing. What surprises you at this point?

It feels like we’re being pulled in a bunch of different directions. On days when we hear stories like Lauren Melcher’s, if feels like things are on the upswing.

But then there’s that worry about what’s coming. Two recent alarms:

— Mortgage giant Freddie Mac acknowledges that “the housing recovery remains fragile, with significant downside risk posed by high unemployment and a potential large wave of foreclosures.

— Research byFirst American CoreLogic estimates more than one in five properties in Minnesota with an outstanding mortgage is “underwater” or close to underwater, meaning the property’s worth less or nearly worth less than what’s owed on the mortgage.

Minnesota’s not even close to the worst state on that score (Hello Nevada!) But it’s still not pretty.

So take five minutes and tell us what your seeing. Use this handy form or post some insights below and we’ll follow up.

BONUS QUESTION: The Mortgage Bankers Association this week proposed a “bankers forbearance plan” for people who’ve lost jobs.

The plan would lower an unemployed borrower’s mortgage payments to “an affordable level” for up to nine months so they could keep the house while they job searched.

There are details, of course. Lenders initially would be looking for people likely to find a job with nine months of losing the last one and getting rehired at salary that was at least three-fourths of what they earned in the last job.

Still, it may help. Drop us a line or post below and let us know if you think this would help you or the housing market around you.

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