What’s your March economic outlook?

We’ve been spending a lot of time lately with official economic forecasts and projections from the region’s best economists.

But we know the best insights on the economy come from you, your stories and experiences. So we want your economic forecast for March.


We’re asking Minnesotans to tell us how they’re feeling about the economy and how that will affect spending and saving decisions for the coming month.

Tell us what the economy is like where you live and how you’re feeling about the coming month.

We’ll highlight some of the stories on MinnEcon and we’ll all get a better read on where this economy’s headed.

Take five minutes and share a story with us.

  • Lauren

    I’ll be spending a lot more than usual in March because I’m buying a house in Minneapolis! I’m a first-time home buyer, and I’ll use the buyer’s credit to pay for improvements and special projects over the next few years. I’ll be shopping for furniture and electronics in March and April, though, since moving out on my own means losing access to my roommate’s TV. My plan is to find as much furniture as possible at thrift stores and then refinish, paint or reupholster as necessary, since I’m a big do-it-yourself-er. But I’ll shop the sales, too, and buy some new things when they’re the best fit for what I need.