Chris Farrell comes to MinnEcon

Whether he’s talking to a national audience on Marketplace or focusing on Minnesota for MPR’s Morning Edition, Chris Farrell always makes us a little smarter about the economy.

We’re happy to say that beginning later this week, MPR’s chief economics correspondent brings his smarts to MinnEcon.

Chris will add a broader scope to the stuff we do here regularly.

I’ll still be searching out and writing the stories of individual Minnesotans in this economy. Chris will come in with the larger view, connecting your stories with national trends and data.

His posts will have a distinctive look so you won’t miss them. Watch for his first post later this week.

Have some ideas about what Chris or I should be writing? All thoughts welcome.

One other note: We’re also going to be looking for other contributors to MinnEcon.

We’ll be looking for Minnesotans willing to share their vantage points on the economy and others who can offer us their first-person view of industries like housing, trade, retail, mining and others central to Minnesota’s economy.

We’re not quite sure of the timing, but if you’re interested, contact me directly and let me know what perspective you could bring to MinnEcon readers.

  • Carey Sir

    Do you know how I would send Chris Ferrell a question??



  • Ruth Colby

    Is it possible to get an e-mail address for Chris Farrell? I’d like to invite him to talk with the Adult Forum group at Plymouth Congregational Church. Information on how to be in touch would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    RUth Colby

  • Ruth Colby

    I would like very much to contact Chris Farrell, preferably by phone, to invite him to be a guest speaker at an Adult Forum at Plymouth Congregational Church. Can you help me with that information?

    thanks very much.