What’s your Minnesota real estate question?

Most of what we write and talk about here on MinnEcon is driven by the Minnesotans in MPR’s Public Insight Network — people who share their stories and vantage points on the economy and make us all a little smarter.


Many of those Network folks also have an expertise in this economy and we’d like to spread that knowledge around.

So today we’ll kick off an experiment: You send us questions. We’ll seek answers from the Network.

We’ll start first with Minnesota’s housing market.

Use our handy form to ask your question or post something below.

We’ll go through the questions and then tap the Network for answers. We have Realtors, mortgage bankers, appraisers and other folks who can help. We’ll publish some of the questions and answers in subsequent posts.

There are no guarantees we’ll answer all the questions (or that we’ll get any!). But I’d really like to try this. It gives us a chance to tap the expertise of people in the Network and also get a conversation going about what’s on your mind when it comes to housing, home values and other economy issues.

Give it a try.

And if you have ideas about other sectors of the economy where we should try this, contact me directly and let me know.

  • Mike

    Extenuating circumstances aside – is it a good time to sell a townhome at a loss to purchase a home that would have been out of reach 1-2 years ago?