Five things I learned this week

1.) Law school really isn’t a way out of the recession. Yes, your current job security is iffy and you always wanted to study law. But going back is harder than you realize and the recession is eating legal jobs, too.

2.) You can be unemployed in what seems like an old-school trade and transform your expertise for an industry of the future.

3.) Demand and treatment of horses can tell us a lot about the local economy. A Minnesota farrier tells me this is the biggest down market she’s seen. We’ll be posting on that next week.

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4.) Our love of leverage is over. Ten straight months of consumer borrowing pullback and an especially big drop in credit card balances have me convinced what we talked about in August is real.

5.) What do you do when you’re a lender with a foreclosed property and you want the ex-homeowner out quickly and neatly? Pay them to leave sooner.

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What did you learn this week about Minnesota’s economy? What do you want to know?

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