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  • Sue


    If I remember correctly there is a reprocessing plant out west that has had its funding cut. This reprocessing would greatly decrease the volume of nuclear waste needing storage.

  • Paul

    Does my electric bill reflect the actual cost of nuclear energy?

    Remember, this country is only 235 years old, nuclear energy is only about 50 years old and nuclear waste will be only half as poisonous 10,000 years from now. I think we are pushing the cost of our energy needs now to our children just like our national debt.

  • Paul Tosto

    Paul, thanks. Good question. Let me see if I can find an answer. Cheers. Paul Tosto / MinnEcon

  • Paul Tosto

    Sue, thanks. I’ll pass that on to the Midmorning folks. Cheers. Paul Tosto / MinnEcon

  • Gloria Gervais

    My thanks to the gentleman who called in and explained the why of the brake hesitation in the Toyota hybrids. I drive a Prius and have felt the hesitation. Freaks me out…a comfort to know the “why” of it, AND know my brakes will work…just takes a second.

  • Robert Kutter

    What about the effectiveness of checklist in teaching and learning?