It’s a good time to …

Return to school. Buy a house. Volunteer. Save.

Fall is a great season for reflection. So when we asked sources in MPR’s Public Insight Network to finish the sentence: “It’s a good time to…”, we knew we’d get some great answers.

Click the icons below and you’ll find the hopes and worries of Minnesotans embedded in a simple statement. Many talked of changing, or wanting to change, their economic lives.

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The responses show there’s still a lot of worry about the economy and where it’s headed, but it’s mixed with some new energy.

“I am getting weary of living with my financial head ducked down,” said David Marty, a Network source and arts administrator in Grand Rapids. “The economy is regenerating, and the more people participate, the more it will revitalize.”

Amy Salmey, another Network source and social worker from South St. Paul, told us she bought a fixer-upper foreclosed home this summer and is slowly fixing it up.

I was able to save up enough money to make this all happen by living with my parents for the past three years. It is a stressful, anxiety provoking time for me, but it is also very exciting because I have this opportunity to walk right into home ownershp without having to rent. It was a big leap for me, but so far no regrets!

Mike Nix, a truck driver from Royalton, likely spoke for a lot of Minnesotans when he said it’s a good time to “stay at my job and try to pay off bills. I want to be debt free in 10 years so I can retire.”


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