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Here’s a look at what we’re looking at this morning.

From Minnesota Public Radio News

  • Gov. Tim Pawlenty is downplaying warnings that Minnesota’s state budget will face a significant deficit over the next three years but the state economist says it’s very unlikely we’ll grow our way out, MPR’s Tom Scheck reports.


Existing home sales data for August are due this morning from the National Association of Realtors. The numbers offer a look at the health of the nation’s housing market. Last month, the association reported existing home sales rose four months in a row for the first time in five years.

Older workers crisis?

We’ve reported on Minnesota’s older workers coming up short in their job search. Now comes new national survey data showing nearly half of workers age 55 and older need to find jobs so they don’t lose their homes; about the same percentage has been looking for work for more than a year.

Is it just more damage from the recession or is something more? It’s certainly something Minnesota needs to explore. The State Demographic Center sees a “huge increase in the elderly work force” coming after 2015. It’s about 100,000 now.

Drop me a line or post below if you have some thoughts on Minnesota’s aging workforce.

From MPR’s Public Insight Network

Laurie Swiler, Edina. Economic Outlook: Holding steady

Every year for the past 17 years we open The Christmas Corner. For the past 4 years we have been located at Burnsville Center but this year we are adding a second store at Southdale.

I know several recent college graduates that feel so disappointed that they are unemployed currently. I decided that would probably not change through the fourth quarter so I am hiring them to manage my Southdale store!

We are optimistic that we will have another great season…This year I will not make as good a margin so I will hold my prices down … I am a little concerned that shoplifting will be up this year.

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