Twin Cities housing prices back to 1990s levels?

Not that anyone who bought a house from, say, 1998 to 2006 in the Twin Cities needs reminding, but a new Harvard University report informs us that inflation adjusted home values in our metro area have returned to 1990s levels.

Check out the map on .pdf page 3. Looks to me from the map that the Twin Cities is among the hardest hit of the nation’s major metro market. If anyone sees any other interesting facts in the Harvard report, please post below and let me know.

No doubt it’s been grim here, especially during the past year.

But on my street, anyway, I’m seeing some signs things are improving.

There were four or five houses within two blocks that either had those yellow foreclosure/auction signs in the window or were clearly uninhabited during the fall and winter. All but one have been purchased. People are planting flowers and cutting lawns. Some have little kids. Great news for my neighborhood.

But as my colleague Mike Caputo has noted, Realtors in our Public Insight Network say selling houses under $200,000 is a snap. Selling houses worth more than $200,000? That’s a problem.

Below are stories sources in the Network are sharing about the housing market where they live. Check it out then tell us your housing story.

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