One more way for you to talk Minnesota budget

With four hours to go before Gov. Pawlenty releases his list of budget cuts for the next two years, here’s one more cool way you can share ideas with us and our wider MPR audience on how you’d fix the state budget.

MPR’s State Budget Idea Generator (cue applause!).

It’s a neat, interactive way to post your own budget ideas and read the ideas of your neighbors. You can add your stuff and then search other ideas by geography, subject area, etc.

The current gap is $2.7 billion. The budget idea generator says $4.8 billion. We need to update that. Otherwise, it works pretty well and it’s fun to see what others are suggesting.

Interesting recent idea from the generator: a 14 percent tax on pop and auto sales on Sunday.

Check it out. And besides the ideas let us know what we could do to make the idea generator easier to use.

UPDATE: You can listen to Pawlenty’s 2pm press conference here or join an online discussion at MPR’s political blog.

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