MinnEcon Indicator: A buyer’s market for Twin Cities temps?

The recession’s put hundreds of accountants and other back office people on the street in the Twin Cities. Many are seeking work through temp agencies. Now the price for that talent is falling.

The St. Paul office of ACCOUNTEMPS emailed local employers recently offering deep discounts — as much as 30 percent — to employers looking to fill back office jobs. Examples:

Staff Accountant: $ 36.64, now starting at $25.24

Data Entry – $20.76, now $14.45

College Student (Accounting Major)/Summer Help– was $21.53, now starting at $15.93

The pitch to employers acknowledged the hard times. “Staff overworked due to RIF? Retain your most valuable employees by keeping morale high. Let our trained and proven professionals pick up the extra load.”

Laura Goerges, staffing manager for ACCOUNTEMPS in St. Paul, said the discounting is a response to the rising supply of job candidates.

“The slash in prices is just following market value for positions in today’s economy,” says Goerges.

“This is something my team came up with to educate our clients that the market is changing and we have more options with very qualified candidates willing to work for less as they can’t find work easily,” she says.

While Minnesota’s jobless pain is showing signs of easing, professional and business services have taken a huge hit, losing 30,600 jobs over the past year, nearly 10 percent of that workforce.

The economy will recover eventually. But how many of those lost jobs will come back?


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